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With us being a new company we want to provide a genuine service for the community around us. Our team is looking to expand their footprint in Central Oregon. 

Our success at American Painting has shown the team that there is a need in the area for better quality workmanship in other industries. We wanted to expand to another need and want for our community. This is where Deschutes Concrete Coatings was born. 

With our customer care and communication from start to finish, there’s no better choice to upgrade the durability, safety, and visual impact of your floor than choosing the professionals at Deschutes Concrete Coatings!

Our Promise

Passion for commitment and detail.

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Our Values


Help our customers design high-quality, beautiful floors that can stand up to the toughest applications.


By providing durable, long-lasting floor finishes and one-day installation.


We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the ideal flooring finish for your space.

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